About Us

We are a small primarily family owned business that is operated in the heart of New York City. 

Since our humble beginnings where we focused only on design and door to door sales, our motto has been obsession over dedication.

Currently our storefront is only available online while our brick and mortar shop's grand opening is set for 2017.

Our mission is to provide this world of infinitely diverse individuals the freedom to show the world what makes you… you! At SteampunkStop, we make clothes and accessories that make you smile! Our store is based in New York and is operated by a group of Steampunk Junkies who have been in love with the whole genre since the 1950s. We have a die-hard fashion sense and truly want to bring to you our particular brand of taste in costume and accessories. We do our best here and are really hard workers, because at the end of the day, we wouldn't be here without YOU.


At SteampunkStop, we strive to be different. Our unique Victorian Age / Steampunk / Gothic Ocular Wear, Costumes, Lingerie, and accessories are designed just for you.. At Steampunkstop.com, you can easily browse our full collection of corsets, shoes, costumes, shirts, goggles, neckwear, accessories, and more! Steampunk Stop prides itself on being the number one apparel distributor out there.

We decided to focus our energy into producing great designs that everyone loved and offer them on our eCommerce site, Steampunkstop.com. We're always adding new trinkets and working hard to find new clothing and accessories we can customize. It's not everyday you find trinkets and clothes that scream YOU! We want to be that place, where you find lots of shirts and other apparel that completely matches your style and speaks to you. 

We have a lot of fun coming up with these designs and are always open to hearing feedback from the community. Many times we've created a design or accessory based on what our users asked for. We aim to please and so we're always looking for feedback. We're here to serve you and create an awesome experience and store that you will like.

I N S T A G R A M : @steampunkstop
F A C E B O O K : facebook.com/steampunkstop
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Steampunkstop Sizing Chart

Steampunkstop Size Chart

Corset Size Chart

Sizes Bust Waist Hip
Small 34"-36" 26"-28" 36"-38"
Medium 36"-38" 28"-30" 38"-40"
Large 38"-40" 30"-32" 40"-42"
40"-42" 32"-34" 42"-44"
2X large 42"-44" 34"-36" 44"-46"
3X large 44"-46" 36"-38" 46"-48"
4X large 46"-48" 38"-40" 48"-50"
5X large 48"-50" 40"-42" 50"-52"
6X large 50"-52" 42"-44" 52"-54"

Swimsuit Size Chart

Sizes Bust Waist Hip
Small 33"-35" 28"-30" 34"-36"
Medium 35"-36" 30"-32" 36"-38"
Large 37"-39" 32"-34" 38"-40"
X large 39"-41" 34"-36" 40"-42"

Lingerie Size Chart

Sizes Bust Waist Hip
Small 34"-36" 26"-28" 36"-38"
Medium 39"-40" 28"-30" 38"-40"
Large 39"-42" 30"-32" 40"-42"
X large 42"-46" 32"-34" 42"-44"
2X large 46"-48" 34"-36" 44"-46"
3X large 48"-50" 36"-38" 46"-44"
one size 34"-40" 23"-31" 35"-41"


*To convert inches to centimeters, simply multiply by 2.54.


Dress Size Chart

Printable Tape Measure PDF: Download


Measuring for a Steel Corset: How to

Measuring your body for a corset is the same as measuring for a bra, the wrong measurements will be uncomfortable or create bulge no matter how you try and make it work so measure properly; don’t guess and be honest! An off the peg corset is designed to reduce your waist size by 4-5”. If you’re looking for more of a reduction you need to start waist training which takes time as its a permanent waist reduction.

You will need:

  • A straight back
  • Full length mirror 
    1. Stand straight, no holding your tummy in – We want you au-natural darling! The tape should be snug – not tight enough to cause any bulging of your fleshy bits and not loose enough to slip a finger behind. Snug.
    2. Wrap the tape around your waist (the smallest part of your torso; below your ribs and above your hips).

    If you find it difficult to wrap a tape measure around yourself or can’t seem to get the grip of it, use a piece of string, wrap it round you and then measure it straight along a metal tape measure afterwards. this also works if you don’t have a fabric tape measure.

    Alternatively ask a good friend to help or ask at a good tailors or wedding dress shop.

    Now you have your number, we suggest you buy a corset with a 4-5'' reduction, so lets say you have a 28'' waist, you will need to order a 24'' corset, if you measure a 29'' waist we will still suggest a 24'' corset. However do take into account the full measurements of the corset which can be found in the product information section.