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    Sizes Bust Waist Hip
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    Medium 36"-38" 28"-30" 38"-40"
    Large 38"-40" 30"-32" 40"-42"
    40"-42" 32"-34" 42"-44"
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    one size 34"-40" 23"-31" 35"-41"


    *To convert inches to centimeters, simply multiply by 2.54.


    Dress Size Chart

    Printable Tape Measure PDF: Download


    Measuring for a Steel Corset: How to

    Measuring your body for a corset is the same as measuring for a bra, the wrong measurements will be uncomfortable or create bulge no matter how you try and make it work so measure properly; don’t guess and be honest! An off the peg corset is designed to reduce your waist size by 4-5”. If you’re looking for more of a reduction you need to start waist training which takes time as its a permanent waist reduction.

    You will need:

  • A straight back
  • Full length mirror 
    1. Stand straight, no holding your tummy in – We want you au-natural darling! The tape should be snug – not tight enough to cause any bulging of your fleshy bits and not loose enough to slip a finger behind. Snug.
    2. Wrap the tape around your waist (the smallest part of your torso; below your ribs and above your hips).

    If you find it difficult to wrap a tape measure around yourself or can’t seem to get the grip of it, use a piece of string, wrap it round you and then measure it straight along a metal tape measure afterwards. this also works if you don’t have a fabric tape measure.

    Alternatively ask a good friend to help or ask at a good tailors or wedding dress shop.

    Now you have your number, we suggest you buy a corset with a 4-5'' reduction, so lets say you have a 28'' waist, you will need to order a 24'' corset, if you measure a 29'' waist we will still suggest a 24'' corset. However do take into account the full measurements of the corset which can be found in the product information section.